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Trust the Experts in Stone Restoration for Residential Homes

Don't risk causing more extensive damage by allowing just anyone to resolve the problems with the natural stone in your home.
If you ever need natural stone restoration for residential properties, Marble Tec Systems is the one to call. With us, your natural stones are in good hands. Call us today!

Natural stones can add elements of class and sophistication to the interior and exterior of your home.

There are endless ways to incorporate natural stones in and out of your home. May it be on your countertops, vanity tops, flooring, fireplace, planters, or walkways, natural stones can transform any space into something elegant and beautiful.

The versatile and adaptable nature of natural stones makes them a perfect material for all interiors. They can create the best look to achieve any style, from contemporary, rustic, chic, modern, to eclectic. The variety of textures and colors alone makes natural stones a desirable choice for many homeowners.

Many world-renowned statues that are made with natural stones are still standing today largely because of their longevity and durability. Well-built stones can endure any type of environmental element, making them a wise choice for exterior design.

Integrating dazzling natural stones into your interior and exterior gives that luxurious feel to your home. But over time, dullness, discoloration, scratches, and cracks can spoil this aesthetic vibe. Maintaining the stunning appearance of the natural stones in your property is essential if you want to enjoy their beauty for years to come. It is best to find a reliable contractor that provides residential stone restoration services who you can call to maintain the shine of the natural stones in and out of your home.

For your natural stone restoration, cleaning, resurfacing, and sealing, MarbleTec Systems is here for you! We have established our reputation of providing only the highest quality of services. We are the ones to call when it comes to maintaining and keeping the luster of the natural stones in your home.

Natural Stone Care for Residential Properties

Protect your investment by performing regular maintenance and stone restoration. Here are some essential steps you can take to get started on your natural stone care routine.

Basic Care

Regular basic care can protect your natural stone tops from structural damages that can affect their shine and texture. Here are some helpful tips to keep your natural stones safe from:
  • Use mats, rugs, or carpets to protect your stone tops from abrasion.
  • Keep natural stone surface clean from dust and sharp particles.
  • Use trivets or table mats under plates or ceramics containing hot food and beverage.
  • Be careful when doing chores near natural stones placed on unstable areas like the edge of your countertops.
  • Wash your stone surfaces using non-acidic detergents that can harm your natural stone.
  • Use mats and coasters to protect your stone surface from coming in contact with alcohol, citric solutions, and oils.
A close-up of a cluster of Luxury marble and natural stone slabs for kitchen worktops.

Daily Cleaning

Every space of your home should be regularly cleaned and maintained. Here are some guidelines for taking care of the natural stones in each corner of your home:

  • Sweep off sand, dirt, and grit from your natural stone floors using a dry mop.
  • Wash floors using mild cleaners when necessary.
  • Use a stone appropriate cleaner when washing the soap scum from your bathroom wall.
  • Rinse natural stones with water immediately after using the bathroom.
  • Use a stone appropriate cleaner when cleaning the countertop.
  • Rinse your natural stone top with water and dry with a soft cloth after washing.
  • Use stone-approved disinfectant when sanitizing your stone countertops.
  • Clean your walkway, outdoor pool, patio, fountain, etc. regularly.
  • Remove algae and moss growth from exterior natural stone surfaces using a stone appropriate cleaner.

Natural Stone Restoration for Residential Properties

Our seasoned natural stone technicians will assess the natural stones in your home to determine whether they need repair, restoration, or maintenance. When your stone tops are soiled down, we can perform stone resurfacing for you.

Here are some signs we look out for to determine what type of service your stone tops need:

  • Stones’ color appears dull
  • Chemical and watermarks
  • Cracks and holes developing in the stone
  • Scratches on the surface of natural stone
  • Breaking stone pieces

Benefits of Hiring Professional Natural Stone Restoration Specialists

A trained stone technician can address all types of problems concerning natural stones. Here is why you should rely on a trusted restoration company when you need natural stone restoration for residential properties:

Professional stone technicians who have proven expertise and years of experience have enough understanding of the unique and complex property of each natural stone and can perform the appropriate method of stone restoration for residential homes and commercial properties.

Reliable providers of stone restoration services ensure that every step of the process, from honing, polishing, cleaning, and sealing, results in excellent workmanship. They only use high-quality cleaning and restoration products that restore the shine of your natural stone surfaces. Professional stone technicians are equipped with the right knowledge and techniques to bring back the glory of your natural stones.

You can always rely on qualified restoration technicians for periodic cleaning and maintenance of the natural stones in your home. Have peace of mind knowing that the natural stones in your home will retain their character for years to come.

A full view of a lovely white kitchen with a wide marble island.

Why Choose Marble Tec Systems

If you are looking for the best team that provides residential stone restoration services, you need someone who can effectively restore the luster of the natural stones in your home, like Marble Tec Systems.

Marble Tec Systems has established professionalism and integrity in its services since 1991. We provide a quick and lasting solution for all aesthetic and structural damages that stone surfaces in your home may face. We are the ones to call for natural stone restoration, polishing, resurfacing, and maintenance.

We service various natural stones such as:

We carry the name of high-quality brands and effectively perform natural stone restoration for residential properties and commercial properties. We use MORE™ AntiEtch™ to protect natural stone surfaces from stains, etching, and discoloration. It is the perfect coating solution that can last for a decade!