About Marble Tec Systems

Marble Tec Systems is one of the most trusted providers of natural stone restoration services in Denver, Colorado, and the nearby areas.

How We Started

Marble Tec Systems is an established natural stone restoration company. We are experts in natural stone polishing, cleaning, maintenance, and protection.

We weren’t always experts. I, Chris Dundas, made the decision to leave a large stone company in California that provided marble to the hospitality industry in 1991. I moved back to my home state of Colorado. I partnered with Tom Marra and formed Marble Tec Systems to provide stone polishing services to the hotels that we had supplied marble to with the former company.

My extensive experience with hotels, their operations, budgets, and expectations helped me establish standards and procedures that we continue to use today. Bob Adwar came on board when the building boom was at its peak in 1993. We had so much demand from local homes that we expanded into residential marble, limestone, and granite restoration.

Residential work requires even more care to meet homeowner’s expectations. We stay current with the latest cutting-edge technologies available to produce the best results for our customers. We understand that cleanliness and dust mitigation are priorities and are able to provide our services with quality results at a level that satisfies the high standards of homeowners.

A close-up of a bunch of nicely piled marble slates.
A close-up shot. White marble stone stairs with a glass fence side.

Why We Started

We at Marble Tec Systems believe that natural stone can last a lifetime, but it may not look its best when not maintained properly.

For that reason, we decided to provide natural stone care, resurfacing, and restoration services. Over the 28 years of providing services, we have found that people don’t always know what natural stone restoration is. It pushed and inspired us to educate people that proper care, maintenance, and protection for natural stone surfaces are essential to make them shine and last long.

What We Want to Accomplish

At Marble Tec Systems, we want people to have long-lasting, shining natural stone surfaces in their properties.

When someone asks me what our team does, I tell them that we are detectives. We solve problems for the people we work with — stone suppliers, builders, designers, fabricators, and, ultimately, homeowners. That is what we do with our experience. We provide solutions to natural stone problems. With quartz, quartzite, and other natural stone countertops becoming so popular, our level of expertise has grown.

A close-up shot of a Metal sink with tap installed into marble counter near appliances and window with shutters in kitchen.
A close-up shot of a Granite Tile flooring.

Why Choose Us

Having been in the industry since 1991, Marble Tec Systems is the one to trust for all your natural stone needs and concerns.

We have the required experience and knowledge when it comes to cleaning, polishing, sealing, and repairing different natural stone types. Our team values your property as much as you do, so expect the best care when you opt for our services. Furthermore, we utilize MORE™ AntiEtch™ to provide long-term protection to natural stone surfaces, whether horizontal or vertical.

Contact Us

To preserve the luster and beauty of your natural stone surfaces, contact our team of natural stone restoration experts at Marble Tec Systems. We look forward to providing you with top-notch natural stone restoration services.