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Restore and maintain the shine and appeal of your natural stone surfaces with Marble Tec Systems' services.
We are the ones to call for natural stone restoration Denver, Colorado, and the nearby areas. Having been in business since 1991, you can rely on us when it comes to providing seamless repairs, quality maintenance, and reliable restoration. For inquires, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Call us today!

Preserve the luster of your natural stone surfaces with natural stone polishing and restoration.

Natural stone is one of the most elegant materials for building construction. It has been used for erecting some of the most famous structures in history, such as the Ancient Greek Parthenon, Stonehenge, and the Roman Colosseum. Not only do these structures prove that natural stone has timeless beauty, but they are also a testament to its durability and longevity.

With the variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns, natural stone can easily spiff up spaces — whether residential or commercial. Aside from injecting a touch of class and grandeur, it also gives character to homes, offices, and businesses. Natural stone surfaces are easy to maintain as they don’t attract dust and dirt easily. It is resistant to mold, fire, and water, making it safe to use in either indoor or outdoor areas.

Owing to all these benefits, it’s easy to say that natural stone is one of the best building materials to use. However, like other things, it also gets damaged due to some factors and under some conditions. It requires natural stone restoration to reinstate its shine, beauty, and appeal. At Marble Tec Systems, we have you covered. Our natural stone technicians provide cleaning, polishing, sealing, and repair services.

Signs You Need Stone Restoration Services

Natural stone lasts a long time, but it may not look its best without proper care. It helps to know the indications that it’s time for natural stone polishing and restoration. Here are the signs to look out for:

Stains on natural stone surfaces are easy to catch. They are common on floors and countertops as these surfaces are the ones usually exposed to dirt and particular substances.

Although stains are the easiest to fix, it’s crucial to call for natural stone floor restoration immediately to get rid of them. The main reason for that is that they seep through the surfaces’ pores, causing permanent discoloration.

The most common causes of stains include:

  • Spills – Spilled liquids are the most common sources of stains. They can cause discoloration when not wiped right away. Some of the biggest culprits include coffee, red wine, and dark-colored sodas.
  • Leaks – The presence of leaks can cause discoloration on floors. Putting off natural stone floor restoration can result in hard-to-remove stains. In worst-case scenarios, it can also cause the stone to de-bond from the substrate.
  • Etches – When acidic substances, such as cleaning products and beverages, get in contact with natural stone surfaces, they cause dull etches that are difficult to remove and repair.

Scratches are common natural stone damage. They are a result of friction brought about by daily use. When neglected, scratches can tarnish natural stone surfaces, causing them to look dull.

Many things can scratch natural stone surfaces. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Pads and Scrub Brushes – Using these two things when cleaning natural stone surfaces is not advisable. They can scratch the outer finish, leaving them rough, dull, and exposed to more damaging substances.
  • Sand and Grit – The buildup of sand and grit can scratch floors when stepped on. Call for natural stone floor restoration to prevent more damage and remove the accumulation of dirt properly.
  • Furniture Legs and Wheels – The act of pushing furniture to move them to another area can scratch natural stone surfaces. The same applies to suitcases and vacuum cleaners.

Over time, natural stone surfaces become susceptible to wear and tear. On floors, the constant foot traffic is the biggest contributor to that. Wear and tear can cause natural stone surfaces to develop cracks and holes. These problems can be inevitable sometimes, and calling for natural stone restoration right away can prevent more expensive damage.

Here are some other causes of cracks and holes:

  • Water or Moisture Exposure – Exposure to water for long periods weakens natural stone. Over time, water creates ruptures on surfaces, causing holes and cracks to occur.  
  • Heavy Loads – Consistent pressure due to heavy loads is among the leading causes of damage. Like water or moisture, it weakens natural stone and causes it to crack or, worse, break. 

While it’s typical for natural stone surfaces to become dull, you need to take action immediately. Over time, they obtain minor, unnoticeable damages that accumulate and cause them to lose their shine. Dullness is also a result of neglecting all the previously mentioned signs and poor maintenance. The best way to address it is to call for stone restoration services.

A close-up of a granite stone that has been expertly carved.

Benefits of Hiring Stone Restoration Experts

Cleaning, sealing, polishing, and repairing natural stone surfaces requires experience. Doing these processes on your own doesn’t guarantee desirable results. Opting for stone restoration services from professionals is the best course of action to take.

Here are some advantages you can get when you hire trusted stone restoration experts:

Seeking help from stone technicians guarantees you that every step of the restoration process is done right. Professionals know the best products, tools, and equipment to use when dealing with natural stone damages and issues.

With their expertise, you can have the assurance that your natural stone surfaces at home, office, or business will regain their shine and receive appropriate care.

Opting for stone restoration services also gives you the confidence that your natural stone surfaces will stay protected and last long. Naked stone surfaces are susceptible to damage, especially when exposed to spills, dirt, and other contaminants.

Experts are knowledgeable about high-quality seals and coatings that give natural stone surfaces an added layer of protection.

If you think you need the entire weekend or a few days to have your natural stone surfaces restored, that won’t be the case when you hire stone technicians. Stone restoration experts know the techniques and practices that involve less drying time. These people are highly trained to provide promising results within a short span of time.

To maintain the timeless beauty of your natural stone surfaces, hiring stone technicians is the key. Not only can they provide the necessary services, but they can also help you preserve your floors and countertops, eliminating the need for replacement.  

Their experience helps them provide long-lasting results that can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Why Choose Marble Tec Systems

Having been in the industry since 1991, Marble Tec Systems is the one to call for natural stone restoration in
Denver. Our skilled stone technicians provide an array of services that includes cleaning, polishing, sealing, and

We believe that natural stone can last a lifetime, but it will lose its shine without proper maintenance. Our solution to that is MORE™ AntiEtch™, DryTreat sealers, and StoneGuard protective films. These innovative products provide surfaces with a low-visibility, ultra-thin, durable coating that restores natural shine and serves as protection from damage that lasts for a decade.

Since 1991, we have been providing natural stone restoration for the hospitality industry. We have grown and expanded to offer our services to contractors, builders, and homeowners as well.

Close-up of a wall and stone steps on a bright day.

Natural Stone Restoration Denver: How We Do It

With our experience, we guarantee top-notch, long-lasting results. Here’s how we provide natural stone restoration:

We start off by asking for a few pieces of information, including the problem. Then, we run tests to determine the stone type and wear pattern. Using the data gathered, we create a tailored natural stone restoration process to ensure the best results.

After consultation and evaluation, we then proceed to the execution of the restoration process. Our skilled stone technicians utilize state-of-the-art tools and equipment to guarantee precision and accuracy.

At Marble Tec Systems, we value your property as much as you do. We are an official MORE™ AntiEtch™ applicator, restoring the elegance of your natural stone surfaces and keeping them protected for decades!

Our stone technicians also educate our clients briefly about the proper care and maintenance techniques needed to preserve the shine and luster of natural stone surfaces.

We believe that regular maintenance is an effective way to make natural stone surfaces last for a long time. For that reason, we include periodic restoration in our array of services.

Types of Natural Stones We Service

We provide natural stone restoration for a wide variety of surfaces, including flooring, walls, countertops, vanities, patios, fireplaces, and backsplashes. Our stone technicians know how to handle different types of natural stone, including: